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About Beastmode Fitness

Beastmode is a fitness program that defies the way we are use to working out. We're a family of individuals who all have a common goal of being healthy. We're a TOTAL body transformation program.

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Alonzo "Zo" Wright, Jr.


Alonzo (referred to by most as simply "Zo") has always had a deep passion for helping other people set, meet, and greatly exceed their personal goals. Alonzo's own incredible results, coupled with his natural affinity for helping people, prompted him to create an opportunity for others to experience the lasting benefits of living healthy and fit. He quickly obtained his Personal Training Certification and combined that skill set with the unorthodox body weight training that he used in his own transformation.

Katrina "Lady Beast" Ross


Katrina joined Beastmode Fitness to reduce body fat percentage which would lead to a reduction in her health insurance cost with her employer. Now, not only does she not pay for Healthcare insurance, her employer pays her to remain healthy. Katrina has always been a motivator in the group workouts and decided to step it up a notch and help others reach their healthier fit goals.

Are you ready to reach your goals?

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Quomaine Washington


Better known by the attribute of "Syncere" (due to his positive and genuine personality, Quomaine is a natural athlete and was inspired by how Alonzo's Beastmode Fitness has impacted the community. By joining the BMF team he has chosen to combine his passion for motivating people with a love for fitness. Are you ready to make that change?

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Ruben Joyner


Ruben is a big proponent of healing from within and not merely judging by the marks we see from the outside. As a profession, he has worked as a professional counselor for over ten years. It was here where Ruben began to identify the benefits of healing the whole body. His relentless and often competitive nature allowed him to join the Beastmode Fitness team and work effortlessly to reach his goals despite excuses and become a trainer. So, the question is asked. Can you take the next step to fitness?

I think you can!

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